Killer Chest & Triceps Workout | IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu & Quentin Berghmans

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Redcon1 Athletes IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu & Quentin Berghmans come together for a killer chest workout led by Trainer Shawn Lindo at the famous Dragon’s Lair gym.
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Take a look inside their chest day and watch them reach their Highest State of Readiness now!

| IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu & Quentin Bergmans Killer Chest Workout |
1. Pec-Deck Flyes (00:24)
2. Incline Cable Flyes (2:55)
3. Incline Dumbbell Press (7:10)
4. Machine Bench Press (12:05)
5. Straight Bar Cable Push-Down (15:58)
6. Dips (20:04)

| Pec-Deck Fly |
This is the machine version of the dumbbell fly. Why include both? Because lots of people have trouble locking in that slightly bent arm position, meaning they’re still using their triceps—and are often completely unaware of it. The machine pretty much requires you to maintain the correct arm position.

Beginners can rehearse the motion here—it’s akin to hugging a large tree or barrel—so they can replicate it with free weights later on. The machine version is also great for doing dropsets and partial reps to target your inner pecs.

| Incline Dumbbell Press |
This is an occasional first movement, but it can easily go anywhere from first to third in your routine. Keep in mind, though, that the later you do this movement, the less weight you’ll likely be able to push.

For even crazier pumps with this exercise, try to slowly rotate the dumbbells from palms-forward to a palms-inward position during the concentric portion of the lift, really squeezing at the top. This slight change will cause you to medially rotate the upper arm, really recruiting your pec major.

| Machine Bench Press |
Free-weight pressing moves on a flat bench are great, but the machine press has some unique benefits. For one, it’s easier to slow down the repetition, both in the concentric and eccentric phases. Stack-loaded machines are also great for quickly doing dropsets.

| Straight Bar Cable Push-Down |
There are a number of triceps moves you can choose from, but we chose the push-down because it tops the list for maximizing muscle activation of the lateral and medial triceps heads while also providing a moderate amount of emphasis on the long heads.

Like the leg extension, this move can be manipulated in many different ways including grip, body position, and the type of handle utilized. Be sure to follow progressive overload here, slowly adding weight to the stack over time. Also, don’t get trigger-happy and bounce all over the place with different variations; be methodical, and stick with one version for a couple of weeks to really see growth!

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