Junk Food Triggers

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I think in order to change your diet, you have to understand your relationship with food.

You have to bring AWARENESS to your eating patterns. You have to understand why you eat the way you do. You have to give yourself a clear view on what it is that you’re trying to address, when looking to change your diet.

JOURNALING has been a powerful tool in giving myself insight on my relationship with food. The information that I’ve learned from journaling has given me a road map to change.

I think ACCOUNTABILITY, COMMUNITY and SUPPORT are very important things to have in place when trying to transform your body.

And that’s exactly why I created the 1000 Transformations Challenge. 💪🏾

This challenge is more than just a weight loss competition. This challenge is about creating a community of people who are leveraging the accountability, motivation and support to achieve goals together.

If you want more information, email your name and your phone number and send it to [email protected] And I’ll reach out to you personally to invite you to join the challenge!