Jesse VS. Pro Wrestler (THIS GETS UGLY!)

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What happens when a 150lb former weakling (but still not that strong) challenges a 260lb professional wrestler face to face? It gets ugly really fast. In this video, Jesse from ATHLEAN-X decides to get in the face of WWE superstar Sheamus and challenge him to some sort of a match. When the ladder match and trivia are ruled out, it’s my duty to step in and lay down the workout for them to compete in.

I wanted to try and keep these two unevenly matched men as competitive as possible by issuing them a bodyweight workout challenge. The two would have to perform 100 reps each of inverted rows, pushups, bodyweight squats and hanging knee raises. Whoever could finish their reps first would be declared the winner.

The catch is that unlike the 400 challenge in the ATHLEAN-X Training program, you are not able to bounce around from exercise to exercise in this one to complete your reps. Instead, you need to perform this one in fixed rep style where all reps of an exercise needed to be completed before moving onto the next one. This makes the workout even more challenging and breaks become necessary in order to get to the end.

Some would say that Sheamus had the advantage because he is clearly stronger than Jesse. On the other hand, it becomes much more difficult for a heavier individual to hang from a bar to complete the last 100 reps of the workout and therefore, even if Jesse is trailing at that point he should be able to catch up when it matters the most, in the end.

The stakes were set for this challenge. Jesse, who was desperately wanting to appear in a video on Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts channel, would be able to do that should he beat the wrestler and finish first. On the other hand, should Jesse lose, he would be putting something on the line as well. Here’s a hint, it’s not the beard and perhaps the thumbnail gave it away. Then again, maybe we are teasing and Jesse really won.

Tune in to see who wins this bodyweight workout challenge and when you are ready to start your own bodyweight workout journey, head to and get the ATHLEAN XERO program. Use the same program that elite athletes have used to build incredible bodies with nothing but their own bodyweight and zero equipment. Sometimes, your body needs a change from all the heavy lifting you are doing to spark all new muscle growth. There is nothing more effective at doing that than this program.

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