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Intra-workout nutrition can have a dramatic impact on your workout. Ensuring you’ve topped up with amino acids, beta-alanine, pump-inducing L-citrulline, and even caffeine can all help you power through to the very last rep.
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| 5 Ways to Boost Intra-Workout Performance |
Through years of trial and error, advanced athletes have come to realize that optimizing their time in the gym can have profound effects on their performance. Many intermediate lifters find out the importance of optimizing their intra-workout habits the hard way. It usually happens when they’re crushing a workout at a new level of intensity when suddenly their gas tank runs dry. That’s when many lifters have no choice but to grind through a subpar second half of the workout, setting themselves up for suboptimal results. Here are five things you can try for your next workout to ensure you finish as strong as you start:

Be Present: Remember that you’re in the gym to make progress, so be present during each rep and between sets. Before you get to the gym, you should have a plan of what you want to accomplish. This also means no texting or scrolling through social media between sets. Instead use that time to catch your breath and visualize how you’re going to improve your form on your next set. During your sets, focus on the mind-muscle connection and make sure you’re fully contracting your targeted muscles.

Do a Thorough Warm-Up: A common mistake many novices will make is jumping straight into their working sets. By warming up your muscles with stretches, steady state cardio or light weights, you help get blood flowing to your muscles to better prepare them to handle the serious weights. Use this warm-up time to improve your technique, getting quality reps in at a low intensity.

Hydration: While most people are aware of the importance of hydration, it’s often an afterthought, if it’s considered at all. Consuming enough fluid during your workout will help make up for what you inevitably lose while training. Factors like the style of training you’re doing, the temperature, and your fluid consumption before you even start your workout will all impact your sweat rate, so be sure to stay hydrated.

Track Your Workout: Track important details of your workout like the weight amount you use, the reps done per set and your heart rate during cardio. Recording this information will help you have numbers to try to improve upon each workout. Having small benchmark goals to try to beat each workout will motivate you to get the most out of each workout.

Fuel to FInish Strong: Intra-workout nutrition can have a dramatic impact on your workout, too. Ensuring you’ve topped up with amino acids, beta-alanine, pump-inducing L-citrulline, and even caffeine can all help you power through to the very last rep. Of course, it would be difficult to get all these nutrients from food alone during your workout, not to mention inconvenient. That’s where an intra-workout formula like IN-KAGED® comes in. Because it’s been formulated to address the challenges of mid-workout nutrition, it’s an effective way to push your body to finish as strong as you started. Try a scoop of IN-KAGED® during your next workout, WOD, or game, and feel the difference. The results will surprise you.

We’ve all had training sessions that started out strong, but quickly fizzled into merely moving through one exercise after another. To keep those sessions to a minimum, and ensure you’re always bringing the heat to the gym floor, keep your mind and body engaged. Eliminate any roadblocks, mental or physical, that stand in the way of your goals, and get after it.


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