I Lost 5 LBS of Body Fat In 1 Week (HERE’S HOW)

This is how I lost 5 lbs of body fat in one week. It’s no secret that to lose weight you must either eat less or move more, and despite the important role that nutrition will play when trying to cut down body fat, you need to also understand how to effectively lose weight for the long term. With that being said, is aggressive fat loss a sustainable solution to burn belly fat? Or is it only a short term solution? Today’s video we’ll tackle aggressive fat loss and how you can burn fat in a short amount of time.

Remember: on a diet, your focus should be more on calorie expenditure, rather than calorie restriction. You should be pushing your limits and giving maximal exertion on each and every workout, and then ensuring you’re fuelling up so you have the energy to crush your workouts. Dripping head to toe in sweat is to be expected. The type of training I’d recommend focusing on is EPOC – which stands for Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. This is basically your body’s after burner. Think of it as a car engine – the hotter it gets, the longer it will take to cool down. When you do HIGH intensity weight training, your body’s EPOC gets increased significantly, therefore burning more calories for a longer period of time. So, next time you’re in gym, think intensify! You’ll grow both mentally and physically only by pushing your limits. No ones ever made much progress from walking on the treadmill

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