HULA HOOP Dancing – Create a DANCE Choreography

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Welcome to this new oneHOWTO video, Here our resident hula hoop expert shows you how to learn hula hoop dancing and create a hula hoop dance choreography. We do so by combining the dance moves used in our previous hula hoop dancing tutorials. We can combine these moves to show you how you can move the hula hoop seamlessly from the side, to the front and round. We even show you how you can change body position to jump trhough the hoop and continue dancing. When you learn how to transition hula hoop dance moves so you can combine them in to one amazing hula hoop dance choreography. Don’t forget to head over to our channel to see the videos you need to combine these hula hoop dance steps, such as:

How to keep the hula hoop at your waist –
How to move the hula hoop from belly to waits –
How to spin the hula hoop round your hand –

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