How to Shoot THREE POINTERS in BASKETBALL – Tutorial

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In this new video on how to shoot THREE POINTERS in BASKETBALL, we discover the best exercises to master threes with the help of our basketball coach Gerard Cunilleras. In this three pointer tutorial, the coach shows us his technique to hit the net every time as well as getting your stance correct, making the movement to follow through with the shot and what you should be thinking with every three point attempt you try to make. This video shows you how to build your three point technique as well as practice drills to make the net every time. Watch our video on the perfect three point shot to learn these practice drills, see what you need to do to fix your game and be master of the three pointer in no time. Once you do master three pointers, you can look at our other basketball tutorial videos to incorporate it into your offensive game and get more players to practice in action. This way you can show off your skills on the court and not just in your driveway.

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