How to Grow Bigger Muscles (WARNING: NOT COMFORTABLE!)

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Grow bigger muscles and confidence in 90 days with this…

If you want to learn how to grow bigger muscles you have to start learning how to stop being comfortable. Getting big muscles requires hard work. There will never be an easy way around that, or at least a healthy one worth pursuing. That said, the sooner you are ready to start being comfortable being uncomfortable, you will be amazed at what you can achieve in the gym and out of it.

In this video, I show you how important it is to step outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve growth. Beginning with this very youtube channel, I show you examples of how this plays itself out in all aspects of life. Over seven years ago, I began this channel with the intent on delivering you the best workout videos you could find. While the content was good, the delivery left a lot to be desired. I simply wasn’t comfortable standing in front of the camera and talking.

That said, I had two choices. Either I stopped trying to improve and stopped making videos all together or I continued to work on getting better so that I could expand my audience and earn your viewership. By now, I think you can tell what decision I made. But it doesn’t end there. The same pursuit of how to grow bigger muscles should follow a similar path. If you want to get bigger you have to be equally comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable in your workouts.

The easy exercises are the ones you may flock to the fastest. Who doesn’t like a nice set of concentration curls to pump up those biceps. That said, if you really want to grow bigger biceps you need to hit the heavy barbell curls and there is no way around that. Same thing can be said about your pecs. If you want to grow bigger pecs you have to learn how to press heavy weight in good form and have it be a staple of your workouts.

Nobody ever was able to grow bigger legs without having a foundation of squatting and or deadlifting. There just isn’t any way around the fact that high levels of effort will always be a prerequisite of muscle growth and size. But the good news is, this whole shift in mindset can occur rather quickly. As soon as you realize that you are in control of your goals and whether or not you achieve them, it becomes inspiring and motivating. Dedicate yourself to achieving your first small goal and that large long term one doesn’t seem so far away.

Learning how to grow bigger muscles is one of the main focuses of this channel. It doesn’t matter if you want to grow bigger arms, bigger back, a bigger chest, or bigger legs. The one thing that unites them all is that you have to start stepping out and taking the risk. There’s never been anything worth having that you can get easy.

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