How To Get Summer Shredded (FAST!)

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If your goal is to burn fat, than this is your golden rule. To lose weight you must eat fewer calories than your body burns each day. A calorie deficit is the magic that makes weight loss possible. Think of your body as a bank for energy – if you don’t put any calories in the bank, then the bank will come after it’s money, your body does this by then breaking down cells, either adipose tissue (fat) or muscle and then converts the cells into energy. The way to create a calorie deficit is to either eat less, move more or ideally a combination of both.

The way to figure out whether or not you’re in a calorie deficit is to do the math. Unfortunately, no sane person wants to do math – but it’s okay, in the proceeding pages I’ll show you a very simple way to calculate whether or not you’re in a calorie deficit.


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