How to Get Bigger Muscles (VERY SAFELY!!)

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If you want to get bigger muscles then you better know not just how to lift heavier but smarter. You see, if you wind up getting injured in your workouts you will never get a chance to grow because you will be spending all of your time healing up away from the gym. In this video, I show you how to perform the big lifts safely. I give you the best safety tip for each exercise to make sure you see results without setbacks as you do them.

To start, we begin with the deadlift. This exercise is a key component of any program built to make you grow bigger muscles in your legs and back. The key to performing this exercise is to pay attention to the position of your lower back at all times. You cannot do a safe deadlift if you are rounding your low back. So, when you pull the bar from the floor you must remember to initiate this with a push from the legs. The hips should not rise up until the bar crosses the knees.

Next we have the incline barbell bench press. The incline bench is a great exercise for building a bigger chest, particularly the upper chest. Here however your focus should always be on the back side of your body and not the chest itself. This is because in order to press with strength and stability you want to be sure that the shoulder blades are being held down and back. You simply cannot press off of an unstable scapula if you want to get bigger safely.

Moving on to another great pushing exercise, the thruster. This dumbbell movement once again incorporates multiple muscle groups and allows you to load up the heavier weights if able. The key here is to keep your upper back or thoracic spine extended throughout. You can’t let your upper back round out at any point in this exercise or you will not only lose your balance forward but you will likely round your lower back as well.

The barbell curl is a great exercise for getting bigger biceps. I like to perform a safe cheat on this exercise by slightly leaning forward to start each rep. The key however is to stop your backwards lean on the way up as soon as your trunk reaches a vertical position. This prevents an overextension of the lower back and still allows you to get a heavy weight up that you can now perform a nice slow negative on to overload the biceps and grow bigger arms.

Next up is the weighted dip. This exercise will help you to overload the shoulders, chest and triceps. You can keep the exercise safe for your shoulders however by making sure not to go down lower than a point when your elbows are bent 90 degrees. If you go lower than this you create an extreme anterior strain on your shoulder capsule that can cause injury over time.

Finally, you need to address the rotator cuff muscles in any program to get bigger muscles because these small muscles help to protect everything else. You can do this with a simple external rotation performed with a band. Make sure to keep your elbow tucked to your side throughout this exercise to be sure that you work the muscles of the rotator cuff.

If you want to get bigger muscles you need to make sure you keep yourself in the gym. Nobody ever got anything but fat by sitting around not doing anything. The only way to keep yourself training and growing for years to come is to be sure you are training safely when you do. For a complete workout program created by one of the top pro athlete physical therapists and strength coaches, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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