How to Get Bigger Muscles (30 REPS AT A TIME!)

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Build bigger, leaner, ripped athletic muscles in 90 days

If you want to learn how to get bigger muscles you have to understand the importance of muscle tension. You see, muscles cannot count reps and they are excellent at cheating and helping to move the stress of an exercise to another muscle rather than to do the job itself! That said, if you want to get big muscles you have to force that muscle to start doing the work and feeling the tension.

In this video, I show you how to incorporate a high rep (30 reps) set to maximize the time under tension on a muscle and get it to grow bigger. Low rep heavy sets are often the go-to option for building muscle. The problem is, when these are the only way you work towards muscle growth you don’t see the full size potential you could. The reason for this is that often times, those focusing solely on heavy weight training use too much momentum rather than the growth maximizing tension.

Cheating a rep to get the weight from point a to point b is effective in promoting an overall increase in your functional strength (to a degree since function sometimes does involve cheat movements), but it won’t help you to grow the biggest muscles you can. At some point, you have to get the necessary tension in the muscles to force them to do one hundred percent of the work.

Using high rep “hockey sets” as I call them, eliminates the tendency to cheat the weight up and puts you back in control of the weights. By increasing the reps, we are increasing the time you spend under tension within the set without dragging the workout length too long. The name of the set comes from the mentality you should have when performing it. Divide your 30 reps into thirds. Try to get through the first third, then the second third and finally the last third rather than thinking of having to perform 30 individual reps.

The task becomes that much more doable and achievable. If you want to learn how to get bigger muscles faster, you need to start incorporating advanced training techniques. Simply lifting heavy weights is not going to give you the completely sculpted athletic muscle you likely crave. It could leave you with a bulkier appearance without much aesthetic appeal.

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