How to Get a 6 Pack in 7 Minutes (SITTING DOWN!)

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Learning how to get a 6 pack is so easy, it can be done sitting down, sort of! In this video, I give you a 7 minute routine that you can do while sitting in one position on the floor. No equipment or large amounts of space are required to get you an ab workout routine that will sculpt out six pack abs by hitting each of the most important functions of the abdominals and obliques.

Now don’t be confused, this 7 minute sitting ab workout is going to be anything but easy. You didn’t actually think you could get an impressive six pack by doing nothing did you? As long as you are prepared to work hard however you will be able to see some impressive results with just this one sequence of ab workout moves.

We start with a lower abdominal exercise since contraction from the bottom up position is one of the tougher moves to perform. Because the weight of your legs is almost instantly enough to cause an overload for some with weaker abs, the lower ab movements are usually tougher. Though the rectus abdominus is a single muscle that contracts all or none, the activation of fibers can be influenced by the direction of pull that occurs during the particular exercise.

As soon as you are done fatiguing this movement, the next is to incorporate rotation from the bottom up. Rotational ab exercises are critical for maximally developing a ripped six pack. In fact, the six pack abs are carved out by muscles that run on a diagonal (the obliques) and frame them out perfectly. Hitting ab exercises that incorporate rotation is going to be critical for a complete ab workout.

Midrange and top down ab exercises are included next. The midrange ab movement is one that involves motion of both the torso down towards the pelvis and the pelvis up towards the torso. The one I show you here is accomplishing both. The idea is that you want to get a strong contraction in both the upper and lower ab regions by moving the two end points closer to each other as opposed to one moving on the other.

The top down rotation movement holds the same benefits as the bottom up rotation in that it trains the abs in a way that they actually prefer to train in the first place. I don’t care whether you are an athlete or not, you need to be sure that you are rotating in your ab exercises if you want to get them as sharp and as developed as possible.

Finally, we end this 7 minute workout for abs by hitting the top down movement. This is the easiest of the entire workout, but due to it being sequenced at the very end of the routine it instantly becomes much more difficult. This allows you to end your workout with adequate strength to accomplish all of the exercises but with your abs still getting a serious workout in from start to finish.

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