How To Eat Healthy On A Budget Pt. 1

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Video Notes
-Check local circulars and plan meals based on what’s on sale.
-Make a list from this grocery list and stick to it!!
-If there’s frozen vegetables on sale, stock up on them!!
-Chicken thighs instead of chicken breast
-Croc pot your Cheaper meats, (pork shoulder, chuck roast, whole chickens)
-Use beans to stretch your meat. You can combine black beans with your ground turkey bean to increase the amount of burgers you make with your pack of ground turkey.
-DONT EAT OUT!!! Not only will you save a ton of money but you will also know exactly what your putting into your body.
-Canned FISH!!! Tuna is very inexpensive and is a great source of protein.
-Shop for local produce that are in season.
-Buy in bulk whenever you can
-Brown rice is really inexpensive so get creative with it
– Consider visiting the farmers market at the end of the day, when you could
likely score some great deals
-Shop at ethnic markets. Not only are they usually less expensive but you’ll find some fun interesting ingredients that you won’t find at your local big chain supermarket.
– Buy Discounted Meat. Grocery stores often discount meats by up to 70% as they approach expiration date. Buy several pounds and store in your freezer.
“good and cheap” book by Leannee Brown
Check out these websites for ideas and tips on healthy budget eating.

If you have the space and resources consider planting your own vegetable garden
******All information shared in this video is merely the opinion of Robert Glover. Use this information at your own risk******