How To Build Massive Calves (EVEN WITH BAD CALF GENETICS!)

If you want to grow bigger calves you need to be nailing these three things:
Firstly, understand that in order to grow you a muscle, you simply have to train it. That’s first and foremost. Pay your calves the attention they so willingly deserve.

Secondly, tempo, tempo, tempo. It’s everything when it comes to calf training. Bouncing up and down on the seated calf raise will do you no good. All that’s being worked is your ego and your ankle flexion. Instead, slow everything down!

Last, but not least, frequency! It’s a common misconception for people to train their calves every single day. If you’re actually training them hard, it’s not plausible. I’d recommend 2-3x per week of proper calf training. Incorporating a combination of low heavy reps, and high lighter reps. Variance is key. Most importantly – don’t use a weight you can’t handle. Drop your ego at the door and focus in on HOW you’re lifting the weight, rather than HOW much!
Bonus tip: get made at your parents for not blessing you with better calf genetics


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