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Life is too short to have small arms. Stop wasting time and start earning some new inches with this intense workout and specialization program from athlete Julian Smith!
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30 Days to Your Best Arms is an intense arm-focused program designed to shock your body and add size and definition to your triceps, biceps, and forearms. This is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

You may know Julian “The Quad Guy” Smith for his legs, but he’s spent plenty of time making sure he’s got the guns to match his wheels. The latest result of his fanatical devotion to the art and science of bodybuilding is this program: 30 Days to Your Best Arms.

It’s a three-days-a-week program you’ll run for a month, but you can run it over and over again if you want. To be clear, this is a pure arms specialization program. We won’t tell you what to do with the rest of your body while you’re following it—except to say, “Train the rest of your body.”

Along with the total-arm workout provided below, you’ll do a biceps accessory routine and a triceps accessory routine on other days of your choice. The three-day breakdown can work with pretty much any split: full body, upper/lower, push/pull/legs, or body part. We’ll explain how.

For now, go test-drive the first workout: a full-on heavy arms day that you can do right now in any gym. The full program is waiting as well, on All Access.

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