How To Bench Press 2.5x Bodyweight | Shawn Frankl

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Matt Wenning discusses the box and speed squat and why its important for developing overall strength.
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Shawn Frankl went from focusing on strength as a powerlifter to carving out a bodybuilder’s physique. He followed different approaches to training and nutrition but learned that, above all else, nutrition is the key.

Training as a powerlifter under the great Rick Hussey at Big Iron Gym was one of the greatest opportunities in my life. Rick built powerlifters like a mechanic built fast, powerful engines. As a powerlifting coach, he knew how to get you to move weight from A to B using all of the power and explosion your body could release, and to do it time after time in that same sweet groove. It was like your body was a piston, performing each rep the same way every time.

Rick taught me that the way to keep increasing your strength was to always train the weaker parts of your lifts. In return it would improve your entire lift. The weak areas might move around in time, but if you adjust your training to your weak spots, you can keep getting stronger.

While powerlifting, we trained heavy every workout, five days per week, and we always handled heavy weight on all of our movements. Most of our reps were doubles and singles on squats and bench press. On deadlift it was a bit different. I trained with more volume at the beginning of my training cycle and tapered down the closer I got to a meet. We always tried to lift explosively because the faster you can get the weight from A to B, the more power you have.

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