How Gymnasts Build Huge Muscles (JACKED GYMNASTS!)

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Build muscle without a single piece of equipment here

Gymnasts are known for having ripped, muscular bodies (especially their upper body and arms). But what is the reason for this? In this video, I show you how to build muscle like a gymnast by copying the most important element of their training. Sure, there are many aspects of a good workout routine that goes into gymnastics, but in order to build muscle the fastest you need to incorporate something I call dynamic isometrics.

Prolonged, high level multi-muscle tension is a prerequisite of bodyweight muscle building. Gymnasts train with a significant amount of these types of movements and exercises in their programs, and it’s the reason that they are able to build such muscular bodies. I show you just two examples of combination movements that can be done to build muscle without needing any weights.

The first is the pulling combo that combines a front lever raise with an L-sit pullup and concludes with a L-twist in each direction for your abs and core. What makes this exercise difficult is not necessarily the individual components of the movement but the transition between them. Once you have that high degree of tension developed through your body, it is very demanding to refocus the attention to a different area of your body without letting the original movement completely fall apart.

Any gymnast worth their weight must have this level of command and strength to perform at a high level. Due to this however, they see very high levels of muscle overload and hence muscle growth. This occurs without needing any equipment or time spent in the gym lifting weights.

The next pushing combination is one that pairs up a chest dip with a plus position (that improves the strength of the entire shoulder girdle) and finishes with something we call the gymnast ab pike. This last portion of the exercise combo really hits your abs and obliques hard. The key again however is that the combination movement is much harder than any one component of it. And that my friend, is the key to taking your gains to another level.

You may be able to do 10 or 20 dips, but pairing them up with the other moves I show you here might limit that number to just 5 or 6. Is that bad? Not at all, especially when you consider that the level of tension and overload required to do those fewer reps is enormously beneficial to your ability to build muscle.

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