Home Workout Survival Guide (IN-HOME GAINS!)

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Gain muscle at home without any equipment at all here

Some think that home workouts are less effective than working out in a gym. They think that if you work out at home that you can’t build as much muscle as you would if you were doing your exercises in a gym. This is simply not the case. Especially not if you learn to take advantage of the items that exist in most homes that allow you to perform some really effective bodyweight exercises and build muscle in doing so.

In this video, I provide you with what I call the Home Workout Survival Guide. The purpose of this guide is to showcase not just the many different options you have when working out at home, but more importantly the exercises that you can do to get results faster when the gym is not an option. The smart home trainer will look to their surroundings for opportunities to get bigger and stronger.

The most effective options that many have access to are (in no particular order) a counter top, couch, chair or chairs, stairs, wall, broomstick and doorway. With just these every day common household items you can start building serious muscle without the need for expensive gym equipment or complicated machines.

Each of the home workout exercises are listed for each household item. These are:

Counter Top – Gymnast Abs, Dips, Around the World Abs

Couch – Bodyweight Tricep Extensions, Commando Pushups, Cyclone Upper Body Push Complex

Chair / Two Chairs – Inverted Rows, Pendulum Swings, Bicep Chin Curls

Stairs – Box Jumps, Stagger Pushups, Step Up Thrusts, Dead Man’s Climb

Wall – Posted Pushups, Handstand Pushups, Co Contraction Split Squats

Doorway – Bicep Curl and Crossover, Wide Grip Rows, Cliffhanger Pullups

Each of these home workout exercises can be done to the point of muscle overload that allows you to push your body further than it is comfortable. This new stimulus is what is needed to create the need for your muscles to grow and come back bigger and stronger than before. Too many times, people associate working out at home with easy workouts or cardio based workouts. This is simply not true.

If you program your home workout properly, you can do plenty of bodyweight or household assisted exercises in a way that allows you to get bigger muscles. Just remember to attack your workout with an intensity that you may reserve for the gym. If you do this, you’ll see that there really doesn’t have to be a difference between the results you can see training at home or at a gym.

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