Home Chest Exercises (UPPER, MID, LOWER CHEST!!)

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Build your chest and rest of your body at home – no equipment

Home chest exercises can often be seen as not as effective as their gym chest workout alternatives. That doesn’t have to be the case if you understand how the chest muscle works and how to position your body in space to take advantage of that. In this video, I show you home chest exercises that target each of the primary areas of the chest; upper, middle and lower chest.

If you look at the classic incline bench press, you will see that your upper arms are aligned not directly in front of your torso but at an angle upwards from that position. This shifts the focus to the clavicular fibers of the pecs and helps you to build a bigger upper chest. If you want to recreate this with a bodyweight chest exercise you can do at home you simply have to change the way you do normal pushups. By doing a decline push up, you will recreate the same position of your arms and therefore hit the same area of your chest.

The flat bench press is an exercise that targets the sternal fibers of your chest, more commonly known as the middle chest region. You can keep the upper arm oriented like this by doing a classic pushup exercise. The arm will follow the same path as it does on the bench press as it will on the pushup with feet flat on the floor.

Finally, to hit more of the lower chest and prevent that saggy chest and pecs, you want to perform incline pushups. The incline pushup angles your body upwards but your arms downwards (similar to the position they will be in when doing the decline pushup).

Regardless of which area of your chest you want to develop or which home chest exercises you decide to do, you will want to be sure that you load them heavy enough to create change and growth. Now that doesn’t have to come in the form of weight. After all, if you are doing your workouts at home you may not have access to equipment. You can increase the load felt by the muscles in your chest by simply slowing down the exercise and making sure to keep the contraction on the chest with every rep.

Finally, I show you one way to combine all three movements to get the ultimate home chest exercise that targets the upper, middle and lower chest. Follow the sequence shown and you will quickly see that this one can become a killer chest building exercise in no time.

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