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Abel Albonetti shares his high-volume biceps and tricpeps workout to help you get the best arm workout of your life with high-volume supersets.
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This workout is probably different from what you’re used to,” he explains. “We’ll start off lifting heavy on biceps at the beginning of the workout and lighter on triceps, then toward the end of the workout switch and lift heavier on triceps and lighter on biceps.”

| Abel Albonetti’s Ultimate High-Volume Biceps & Triceps Workout |
1. Barbell Curls: 5×8-10 (Last set was a double drop set)
2. Dumbbell Over Head Extensions: 5×10-15 (Last set was a double drop set)
3. Dumbbell Alternating Curls: 4×8-10 (Last set was a double drop set)
4. EZ Bar Skull Crusher: 4×10-12 (Last set was a double drop set)
5. Superset
a. Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls: 4×12-15
b. Single Arm Cable Push Downs: 4×12-15
6. Superset
a. BFR Training. BFR Rope Cable Push Downs: 4×20,15,15,15
b. BFR Rope Hammer Curls: 4×20,15,15,15
7. Superset
a. High Cable Curls: 4×12-15
b. Rope Over Head Extensions: 4×12-15

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