Hidden Source of Strength (GET BIGGER FASTER!!)

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Build athletic muscle faster than ever before with this…

Did you know that you have the potential to get much bigger faster and add significantly more muscle mass if you stopped overlooking your most hidden source of strength. In this video, I’m going to show you how to start building muscle whether you are a beginner or an advanced lifter by tapping into your true strength potential. The fix lies in paying attention to your straight arm scapular strength.

Gymasts are known for their incredible straight arm scapular strength. It is the ability of the body to execute movements while maintaining a straightened arm. These movements most often occur in either the frontal or sagittal plane and require stability through the entire core and shoulder girdle Some of the moves that come immediately to mind are the front lever, front lever raise and the deadlift.

You may think that the deadlift is nothing like the front lever. You may be right in terms of how it looks side by side to that exercise. However, when you look at the requirements for performing the lift at it’s strongest, you would immediately recognize just how important your straight arm scapular strength (SASS) is to getting the job done.

If you don’t have the ability to pin your arms into your sides while maintaining a tight lower back and stabile upper back during the lift, your deadlift strength will be sapped. I don’t care how strong your lower back and legs are, if you don’t have the strength in your shoulder stabilizers, that will quickly become the weak link in the chain and will cost you your top end strength in the bigger movement.

The same thing can happen on the bench press as well. If you don’t have the ability to stabilize your shoulders during the lift, there is nothing firm for your chest muscles to oppose and push off of. It’s like the difference between trying to jump from a hard surface and having to jump off the sand. If you want to get bigger faster, you have to lift heavier weights and do so safely. Your shoulder stabilization will be key to this and your SASS is the overlooked element of training that will help you get there faster.

I show you 5 exercises for building straight arm scapular strength in this video. I include beginner and advanced options as well as those you can do with your own bodyweight or with weights. There is no excuse to continue and let your weakness take away from your true strength potential and hold back the muscle gains you should be seeing from your hard workouts.

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