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Firefighter & Team Cellucor member Clarence Parks conquers one of the most difficult physical feats for even the hardest of heroes. Can you handle the Firefighter Combat Challenge?
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| How to Train for the Firefighter Combat Challenge |

Clarence Parks has been working in Fire and Emergency Services for nearly 20 years.

While his mission is to save lives in the field, it is also his responsibility as a full-time instructor at the Mississippi State Fire Academy (MSFA) to educate new recruits on the importance of firefighter fitness.

Every year, thousands of Public Safety First Responders lose their lives to Line of Duty Deaths (LODD). National statistics confirm, nearly 50% of LODDs are directly related to heart conditions and/or obesity, which can be greatly reduced through education and training.

Clarence Parks believes one person can make a difference. I must lead by example!

One of the ways he is able to inspire new recruits and fellow firefighters to improve their fitness levels is by training for and competing in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge (FFCC).

Training for the combat challenge strengthens a firefighter’s endurance for fire ground emergency operations (i.e. full gear training, stair climbing, forcible entry, rescuing victims, etc.). It is one of the most physically and mentally taxing obstacles you could sign up for, but the feeling of accomplishment is worth every single brutal second.


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