Handstand, Headstand drills, capoeira flow patterns

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Hi Everyone, uploading 4 new Strength Capoeira Flow patterns, excellent for all types of movement practicioners.

Drill 004
Headstand to Leg Hook
Go i to a headstand position, from here try bringing one leg through after doing this return to Headstand and repeat to the other side.

Headstand to Cheat bridge.
Similar to the previous but here we will transition to the next side by using a low bridge.

Frog stand to Cheat bridge
Here is a little but more difficult is a similar transition to the previous one but here we need to jump into a frog stand or crow pose, the hard part is to control the forward momentum, but work on it.

Drill 007
Handstand to cheat bridge
Here the level of difficulty is greater, after holding the handstand we will drop down into cheat bridge to resume i to the other side,

Repeat every drill as much as you can, Control is power.

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Music 🎶
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