[Gym] Abs Training

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They said Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. I 100% agree with that statement, but that doesn’t mean that you should totally neglect your Abs muscles.

Imo, training Abs can improve your mind muscle connection. For fitness model it is very important to train Abs not because the more you train the better bigger they became, but to improve your muscular endurance of continuously contracting your Abs when on stage or during a photo-shooting session to show your all hard earned kitchen and training efforts!

I’ve seen many people with low body fat level but they still have trouble presenting their beautiful six packs abs, Abs indeed is there, but they can’t contract their packs to make it look protrude, and they have problem flexing their Abs for long and later on it doesn’t appear solid. The solution? Train your Abs!

Low body fat gives you Abs.
Low body fat + training gives you great Abs!