Grow Your Calves 💥 no more chicken legs

There’s THREE major tips that you’ll want to incorporate if you’re trying to build calves the size of baby cows:
Firstly, train them. Despite the simplicity of this tip, a lot people are under the assumption that calf growth is 100% dependent on genetics. And while genetics will play a role in muscular shape and size potential, they do not default a muscle to being unchangeable.

Secondly, focus tempo. It’s everything when it comes to calf training. Bouncing up and down on the seated calf raise is great… if you want to waste your goddamn time. Not so good for growing calves. Instead, slow everything down! Focus in on the contractions of your calf muscle. Enabling a complete stretch down the bottom, coming to a pause, and then exploding up using the calf muscle.

Last, but not least, frequency! It’s a common misconception for people to train their calves every single day. If you’re actually training them hard, it’s not plausible. I’d recommend 2-3x per week of proper calf training. Incorporating a combination of low heavy reps, and high lighter reps. Variance is key. Most importantly – don’t use a weight you can’t handle. Drop your ego at the door and focus in on HOW you’re lifting the weight, rather than HOW much!🔥

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