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The supplement industry is rife with false promises and scammers. In this video, I show you a form of supplement scam that boils my blood and makes me feel as if I have not done my job in educating my subscribers when it comes to spotting supplements worth investing in. To start, I have and will always stand by my point that I don’t feel supplementation is appropriate for many. If you are not willing to be consistent with your training and high quality nutrition then no supplement, even my own, should be taken since it will not shortcut the necessary process.

That said, I see how we are sometimes led down the path of disillusionment by supplement companies that are willing to say anything in order to get you to part with your money and buy their products. When marketing is too hard to resist and the temptation of the promised results overcomes the desire to use your better judgement and refrain from falling for the traps, you cave in and get scammed.

In my mind, there are two horrible tactics used by many supplement companies. The first, and a criminal one at that, is to knowingly put dangerous ingredients in your products. Many times, as was the case with DMAA back about 6 years ago, supplement companies were rushing to include this new ingredient into every pre workout product on the market. Some were already aware of instances of dire side effects that were being reported by those that were using it.

Instead of doing the responsible thing and taking the product off the market, many companies doubled down and had sales on their products in order to get through the inventory before they were forced to take it off the shelves. This as I said is downright criminal. They should never be allowed to sell another supplement again.

The second instance, and no less dishonorable, is the creation of supplements that the brand owner knows full well will do absolutely nothing of what it is promising to its users. In this video, I showcase a brand that is doing just that. In my opinion, the creators of this supplement are either just stupid or are knowingly selling a product that isn’t just ineffective. It is laughably ineffective.

One of the points that I forgot to mention in making my case against the ineffectiveness of this supplement was to point out how even the 2 grams of protein claim on the label is fallacious. First of all, there is only one half of a gram of whey protein concentrate in a serving. The inclusion of amino acids is not allowable towards the overall total protein content (which it is apparent they are doing here). Even then however, with just 675 milligrams of aminos on top of the half a gram of protein, they are hitting just a little over 1 total gram by these flawed calculations.

Of course however, as any scam supplement company would do, they are rounding up to two grams. This kind of stuff just boils my blood. Supplements are something that should supplement a good training and nutrition program. When that is the case, they can actually be pretty powerful in terms of the results they can deliver. Can they cause crazy bulking fast? Not necessarily but they can help you to build muscle and give you energy to train hard and recover from your workouts.

The ATHLEAN-Rx supplements undergo extensive testing and verification of what is on the label. These are the same exact supplements used by today’s top professional athletes who undergo testing as part of major league baseball. If you want to get the truth in every bottle and see results that are better than with any other supplements you have used before, head and try them out.

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