FYR 2.0: Hannah Eden’s 8-Week Muscle-Building Fat-Loss Plan | Trailer

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FYR 2.0 is a follow-along fitness plan, you’ll get just the right amount of intensity, sweat, and struggle to reach a new level of fitness from Hannah Eden.
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Burn Fat. Build Muscle. Find Your Reason!

| Follow-Along Video Workouts |
For 8 weeks, you’ll get 5 full-body follow-along workouts a week, each lasting no more than 30 minutes. You can do it at home or in any gym, with just your body and a few select weights. Experienced trainer and coach Hannah Eden and her models will show the right way to do every lift in real time!

More than a workout plan. With this plan you also receive:

| Scale Your Workout To Your Abilities |
Three Levels of Training. With Hannah, Paolo, and Tanner as your guides, you can pick three different levels of technicality and intensity. You can go at your own pace and gauge your progress when you repeat a few key workouts. And you can always follow Hannah, if you dare!

| Nutrition Guidance |
Fuel up for performance like Hannah! How in the world does Hannah maintain that physique and power through her workouts? We’ll show you. You’ll get macronutrient breakdowns, a shopping list, supplement recommendations, and chef-designed recipes that you’ll return to time and time again.

| Meet the Coach |
Hannah Eden is a Reebok Elite Trainer and content contributor for Bodybuilding.com, Men’s Health, and SELF Magazine. Hannah Eden is a young fitness entrepreneur whose refreshing vision for HIIT workouts and unstoppable drive to help others is making the world a better place… one fight at a time. Eden began her fitness journey as a CrossFit athlete in 2013, and since then she has reinvented herself as a celebrity trainer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

In late 2015, at age 24, the London native founded PumpFit Club, a boutique studio located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale where she hosts group classes with a unique approach to HIIT training. The program combines cardio and resistance training in strategic time intervals allowing participants to reap the maximum benefits during the one-hour sessions.

In hopes to spread her love for fitness, in 2017, Eden launched her own subscription program website, where she shares her high-octane workouts with people all around the globe, and her own lifestyle clothing line FYR Apparel.

Her fiery and fierce look, athletic abilities and bubbly personality have catapulted her as one of the most recognized fitness professionals in the industry. Hannah has since worked with Reebok, Men’s Health Magazine – METAShred DVD, PowerDot, NordicTrack, Lululemon… and the list goes on. She has recently released her own 28-Day Fat Torch DVD with Women’s Health, as well as Bodybuilding.com’s first follow along live workout – FYR 30-Day Trainer. You can also find her on the cover of Oxygen Magazine, March, 2018 issue.

Fitness has blessed her to chase her dreams, embrace herself and help others in the process. Hannah’s driving force has always remained the same… to be known for more than just “the fit chick with red hair that can jump high”. Eden has hosted several charitable events from helping supplying the troops abroad, funding local pet shelters, supporting breast cancer awareness to aid law enforcement officers and public servants to get in shape mentally and physically to better serve the community. Her true passion is giving back.

In 2017, after collaborating and competing together in local CrossFit events, her friendship with Ashley blossomed into something that would later change their lives and many others. Hannah accepted an invitation to join Horner’s mission to run 230 miles cross-country through Haiti to raise U$28,000 to help fund Maison Fortune Orphanage, a foundation devoted to raise and empower children to become the future leaders of Haiti. The goal was surpassed within 48hrs and the duo went on to raising over U$80,000 through their outstanding efforts.

Eden’s next mission is to conquer the Ring Road of Iceland, and its 828-mile road, by foot and on pedals. The mission? Raise money to help a close friend who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Colon cancer. Jessica Boswell is 32 years old and was 6 months pregnant with their second baby boy when life as they knew and the future they envisioned was snatched from them. Read their full story.


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