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If you’re looking for a resistance bands workout that you can literally do anywhere – at home, at the office, on vacation…or even a paddle board – then try this this total body workout.
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To complete this workout you will do two sets of 10 reps for every exercise. Make sure to use enough resistance to challenge yourself. The tension created by bands can build muscle like free weights, or machines, as long as you apply the same amount of intensity to your workouts.

0:17 Breakdown of Total Body Workout Using Resistance Bands
1:03 Resistance Bands Leg workout
1:55 Resistance Bands Back workout
3:13 Resistance Bands Chest workout
4:55 Resistance Bands Shoulder workout
5:45 Resistance Bands Rear Delts workout
7:10 Resistance Bands Biceps workout
8:23 Resistance Bands Triceps workout
9:33 Resistance Bands workout on a SUP paddle board

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