Formula for Building Muscle | Resistance Band Training w/ James Grage

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Whether you’re using resistance bands, weights, or machines there’s more to building muscle than just lifting heavy.
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This video is part 2, of The 3 Factors For Building Muscle, where we share the perfect formula to build muscle, integrating the most important strategies to maximize the muscle building benefits of the 3 “M’s” : Mechanical Tension, Metabolic Stress and Muscle Damage.

0:28 Recap of 3 Factors for Building Muscle
0:52 Mechanical Tension for triggering Protein Synthesis & Muscle Hypertrophy
1:12 Time Under Tension for Building Muscle
1:30 Selecting Percentage of 1 Rep Max (1RM) for Building Muscle
2:00 Metabolic Stress for Building Muscle
2:16 What is The Pump – lactate, muscle acidity and lactic acid
2:59 Muscle Damage or Micro Trauma to the Muscle
3:55 The Perfect Muscle Building Formula
9:04 Integrating Resistance Bands into Muscle Building Formula

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