FOOT MASSAGE for Plantar Fasciitis 🦶 🛑 No more PAIN

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Today ANDREA @andreabybodhi teaches us a MASSAGE to RELAX the PLANTAR FASCITIS with which to END the PAIN of feet. We also have another video in which we show you how to give a relaxing FEET MASSAGE: in case you don’t have pain but want to enjoy a good massage. 👇👇👇 💆‍♀ Don’t miss these STEP-BY-STEP MASSAGE videos 💆‍♂️ 👇👇👇 ✅ RELAXING FULL BODY massage: ✅ RELAXING BACK MASSAGE: You can contact the Bodhi Yoga and Natural Therapies school through its website and social networks: Web: www.bodhibcn .com Facebook: Instagram: @andreabybodhi

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