Florian Munteanu Creed 2 Training Montage (DRAGO!)

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See behind the scenes as Florian Munteanu trains hard and prepares to play Viktor Drago for Creed 2 the much awaited sequel. As you will see, they don’t call him the “Big Nasty” without reason. This man is an absolute beast and is capable of pretty much anything athletically. With incredible strength, sheer muscle size and power it is easy to see what Sylvester Stallone saw in him when he cast him for the role.

The footage in this training montage is meant to showcase just some of the various elements of power and athleticism needed in training. The ground based explosive movements like single leg box jumps and landmine pressing are great for strengthening the kinetic chain from the feet through the fingertips. The use of battle ropes as a conditioning tool is incredibly effective. We are able to throw in some explosive upper body strength as well with the addition of the superman leap.

This is definitely a more advanced movement and recommended for those that have more training experience and a great deal of upper body power (not just strength). Strengthening of the hips via kettlebell training to compliment his use of heavy squats and deadlifts is critical. The basics such as heavy bench press, rows, weighted chins, pullups, squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts form the foundation of his training.

Building off of this foundation to secure any cracks in the foundation is critical as well. This is why we focus on correcting any muscle imbalances while at the same time never overlooking the fact that this needs to always come back to function at the end. A great deal of skill work like sparring, boxing etc will be incorporated at the end of every session to speed up what may have been slowed down during training.

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