Fixing These 5 Fat Gaining Mistakes INSTANTLY Improved My Progress

5 Fat Gaining Mistakes you need to stop to instantly Improve your progress.

It’s a common mode of thinking to want to a single out one specific thing for why you are or aren’t making progress. If you’re trying to lose fat, it’s very easy to go into a witch hunt and find the latest low fat, low sugar, low carb, low weight, low oxygen, negative gravity foods that will make fat loss possible for yourself.

But, the truth is that no one food group will cause you to gain fat or to lose fat. If you’re gaining rapids amount of fat, it’s not relevant to consuming any particular macro-nutrient, but rather the daily facef*cking onslaught that takes place day by day.

Understand that quantity will play a large role in whether you gain or lose weight. Quality also plays a huge role in that and in your overall health and well-being. And for a quality nutritional intake, you’ll want to be getting in adequate amounts of all 3 macro nutrients. But not just any carbs, proteins, and fats… the ones that will fuel you to become your best self.

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