Fixing These 5 Abs Mistakes INSTANTLY Improved My Progress

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So much can go wrong with ab training and it’s a shame to see so many of these 5 ab mistakes still happening in gyms today. Training properly is all about control, especially when it comes to your Abs. You could probably bust out a hundred and one leg raises by swinging and jerking your body up. However, what matters most is the quality of the rep, not the quantity!

Closely related to number one, if you are not getting an effective contraction throughout the movement than you are simply wasting your time and effort. Training requires just as much mental focus as it does physics effort!

One very simple yet very effective way to increase your Ab engagement within your exercises is to breath. Now I don’t mean just Huss a little breath from your nostrils – but a strong explosive breath. You’ll notice that when you breath out explosively your abs tend to automatically contract.

Variety is the to a well developed full set of abs! The core is generally made up of three key components – the abdominals, obliques, and the serratus anterior. In order to for your ab training to be complete, you will want to be giving each of these areas adequate attention!

if you wish to grow you Abs and develop a nice looking mid section, you MUST train them directly. So, if you’re after a nice set of abs, please understand that training them directly is an absolute essential piece to the puzzle

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