Exercises to Strengthen Glutes & Hamstrings | Adrian Conway of Brute Strength

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4x CrossFit Games athlete and Brute Strength coach Adrian Conway, shows you the best exercises to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.
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A majority of the movements in CrossFit train the posterior chain, however, there is still room to incorporate techniques that will further posterior chain development — specifically in the legs and glutes.

Rather than skip leg day this week, Coach Adrian prepared a series of demonstrations and exercises that target the glutes and hamstrings with posterior chain development in mind.

Watch along and sneak these exercises in at the end of your routine for an added boost with muscle development in mind.

| Exercises to Strengthen Glutes & Hamstrings |
1. Sumo Deadlift (1:20)
2. GHD Hip Extension (1:56)
3. GHD Glute Ham Raise (3:00)
4. Seated Banded Hamstring Curl (3:55)
5. Romanian Deadlift (4:56)
6. Barbell Good Morning (5:52)
7. Banded Good Morning (6:30)

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| Adrian Conway |
Adrian Conway has always been self-driven to succeed. His early passion for training and dedication to team sports brought him all the way to college football, where he was a running back at Weber State University. In 2008, Conway’s focus on athletic training became a full-time job, and he took on a variety of athletes from 9-year-old tennis stars to those at the collegiate level. In 2013, Conway was hired as a member of the CrossFit HQ L1 training staff and began traveling to different training sites to spread his knowledge and help develop coaches nationwide.

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