Epic Workout Motivation (CONQUER!)

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Stay motivated through every workout here –

Even the most seasoned gym veteran can use a bit of extra workout motivation from time to time. In this video, I compiled workout and training footage from various workouts and paired them up with some good old fashioned epic music to help get you fired up for the next session.

Though you can never tell the amount of effort someone else is exerting when they train, I can assure you that mine was through the roof as I pushed through ever exercise in this montage. The benefits of explosive training are unquestioned, and with ATHLEAN-X…explosive exercises are in place to bring out the athleticism buried deep inside even the most unathletic.

I include two of my favorite forms of conditioning in this one workout video as well; sprinting and jump rope. The sprints take place on a state of the art Woodway treadmill capable of up to 15mph running. Even though this is much faster than what you may be used to running at, it is actually quite doable if you get into a good rhythm. In fact, major league baseball athletes have been clocked at 22mph running the bases.

Battle ropes are something that we haven’t made a video about specifically on this channel. That said, they can be a great conditioning tool as well. Some think about these drills as involving only the arms however you can make them especially beneficial and athletic by incorporating the legs as well.
Mixing in some classic lifts like hang cleans, deadlifts, incline bench and weighted pullups to compliment the conditioning and keep the gains coming.

For a step by step program to help keep you motivated and take your results to the next level, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Stay fired up from day one by seeing results early on. Nothing like visual progress and explosive strength gains to keep you motivated to keep pushing forward.

For more workout videos to not only get you motivated to train but to teach you new techniques to take your results to the next level, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at