Epic Garage Gym Tour | Matt Vincent, 2x Highland Game World Champion

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2x Highland World Champion Matt Vincent has competed in weighlifting, strongman, and powerlifting. All of that time over the last 10 years, was spent training in his garage.
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This is what Matt Vincent has found to be the most useful setup for him in his garage for now and while he was competing.

Matt Vincent’s training is usually focused on mobility, functional stuff, and strength. One of those he’s learned to use over the last couple years has been mace training. Onnit make some great maces and incorporating these into his training has helped his shoulders, keep things moving, and build some strength.

| Garage Gym Equipment |
1. Olympic Weight Set:
2. Power Rack:
3. Dip Station & Pull-Up Bar:
4. Kettlebell Kit:
5. Foam Roller:

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