Ep 3: RECOVERY | Joe Wicks: ‘The Year That Changed Me’

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This is the third episode of my new documentary series with lululemon ‘The Year That Changed Me’.

I want to share with you how the last year has reshaped the way I approach my own mental and physical health and most importantly – what I’ve learnt. Hopefully it might help to inspire you to make the same positive changes in your life.

In this episode I’m talking about how in the last year I shifted a lot of the focus of my training into my recovery. After living with a niggling injury for years, during PE with Joe, I finally made a decision to spend time on mobility, stretching and recovery after exercise. It has completely changed my body and I’m finally training pain free.

To accompany this episode, I filmed a 10 minute mobility session to help with mobility and flexibility

In 2021 I became a global ambassador for lululemon.