Do This on Non-Workout Days (NO GAINS LOST!!)

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One of the most common workout questions is what to do on non-workout or off days. In this video, I’m going to show you a few exercise options you have if you absolutely must do something on those days when you aren’t scheduled to be in the gym. Keep in mind, your time away from the gym is paramount to the success you will see in it. Muscle recovery is one of the most important things you can prioritize in your training.

That said, if you are going to look for something to do on your off days you first have to identify your goal. If you are a hardgainer or skinny guy that is struggling to put on muscle mass you will want to do everything in your power to focus mostly on eating and resting on your off days. Doing extra cardio is not the prescription for adding muscle if you are already struggling to do so.

If you are looking for an activity to do, you will want to focus on those things that prioritize explosive or athletic actions without the long duration component. So think about how you can be explosive without lifting heavy weights or those that have a high eccentric component. Things like a sled push or battle ropes can be great ways to get your heart rate up quickly without turning your workout into too much of an aerobic one.

Along those same lines you can choose to do ball slams. This exercise does not have a heavy eccentric overload component and makes for an activity that you will not have a hard time recovering from. If you do this in a repetitive fashion (30 to 40 slams as quickly as you can with minimal breaks or rest), then you are going to gain the benefits of the conditioning of this without overloading the muscles beyond their ability to recover.

If on the other hand your goal is fat loss and you need to lose excessive weight, then your “off” day could provide you with a great opportunity to accumulate some additional volume that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get in your 5 days of training. Here is where something like a steady state cardio option (running, walking, biking, etc) is going to work best since the intensity will be much lower than during a preferential HIIT session which will allow you to build up some extra minutes burning calories.

Regardless of your path you will always want to prioritize your recovery and do so with the help of good nutrition and supplementation. Here is where you can excel if you already have not dialed this area in. The ATHLEAN-Rx supplement lineup has Reconstruxion as it’s primary muscle recovery supplement. This is the choice of professional athletes who must be able to recover between games to maximize consistency of performance throughout the season. Watch your workouts and your results improve by visiting and try the exact same edge the pros are using.

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