Do This EVERY Leg Workout (NON-NEGOTIABLE!!)

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I don’t care what you have planned for your next leg workout, but you better make room for what I’m going to show you in this important leg training video. Here, I’m going to reveal to you the number one thing you need to do every single time you workout your legs. Some may have given you alternative advice, and I’m going to tell you that what you have been given is just bad advice.

For instance, if you were told that all you ever need to do is squat, you have been given bad training advice. Likely, the person telling you this has never trained an athlete and doesn’t understand that the extent of leg training encompasses more than just the quads and hamstrings. The muscles of the hips are some of the most underutilized and undertrained areas on the body and can only be targeted with multiplanar movements and exercises.

The squat is a bilateral, sagittal plane movement. If all you ever do is squat then you are not training your legs and hips in the transverse and frontal planes. Basically, you are avoiding two of the three dimensions in space. Not good if you ever plan to call yourself an elite level athlete. Here I show you why incorporating single leg training is not an option but a requirement of a complete leg training plan.

Now, am I bashing on the squat? Not at all. The squat is the single most important leg and hip movement that you can do and should form the basis or foundation of your leg workouts. That said, as I pointed out, this is a sagittal plane exercise that has some shortcomings that need to be addressed with additional single leg exercises.

One of the key benefits to single leg exercises like the Bulgarian Split Squats and multi-directional lunges are that they not only train you to be strong on each leg individually but they help to reveal strength imbalances between sides. Intervening early when a strength imbalance is detected is one of the fastest ways to fix the problem and the best way to prevent this from resulting in a lower body injury that keeps you away from the gym for too long.

You will see that no matter which athlete I train, at some point in a given leg workout we are going to be doing single leg exercises and training. It can either be explosive or controlled. The bottom line is, not an athlete gets out of the gym without first completing at least one of these leg exercise options in their leg workout. Here I showcase Pittsburgh Steeler wider receiver Antonio Brown and the single leg movements that he performs to be the best at his position in the league.

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