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One of the biggest problems people have with ab training is that they rarely feels it in their abs. One of the main contributors to that is the involvement of the hip flexors. In this video, we are going to cover some tips that will help you disengage the hip flexors so you can better engage your abdominals and really start to carve out those 6-pack abs.

A simple way to disengage the hip flexors is to engage the antagonist muscles, the hamstrings. One hack you can try is to squeeze a foam roller between your heels and the back of your upper thighs.
Doing so ensures you’ve engaged the hamstrings and thus ‘turned off’ your hip flexors. What’s cool about this trick is that if you get sloppy you’ll know it because the foam roller will fall, or start to slip out of your grasp.

Start with the upper abs. With the hamstrings and glutes engaged by pulling against a foam roller with your heels into your legs, we’ll raise our entire shoulder girdle off the ground. Don’t NOT pull your head and neck but rather fold our shoulders up. Imagine trying to touch your chest to your upper abs, that intense contraction you should feel is a sign that you’re on the right track. Do 10 of those with the same strict form squeezing the muscle at the top. Imagine your six pack is a wet towel and when you squeeze that contraction you’re forcing all the water out of it.

When you’ve completed all your reps move onto levitation twist.

Again, keep the hamstrings under tension and make sure to squeeze at the top of the movement. When trying to get 6-pack abs you always want to put focus on a solid contraction, don’t just go through the motion. Perform 5 reps to each side here.

Lastly, we’ll move onto the lower abs or bottom up ab exercise portion. Continue to use your foam roller in place, if you don’t have a foam roller you can use anything really, the goals is to force a contraction in your hamstrings by pushing your heels into the back of your upper legs.

Once you’ve got that going start by raising your pelvis off the ground. A tip I like to give with performing any lower ab training, is to think of it as moving the pelvis rather than lifting the legs.

Your legs are really just the moment arm or resistance that can be used to make the movement more difficult depending on how far out you extend them. Perform 10 solid reps of this move making sure to contract your abs as hard as you can to really get that squeeze.

Perform this short sequence at the start of you ab workout and you should notice a better mind muscle connection through the rest of your ab training.

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