Deadlift 101: Execution & Building Strength | Johnnie Jackson & Josh Bryant

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This is EVERYTHING you need to know about the conventional deadlift from IFBB Pro Johnnie Jackson and Josh Bryant, MS, CSCS. How to execute, equipment, cues and the mentality!
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| Deadlift 101 |
1. Common Deadlift Mistakes (3:08)
a. The bar getting away from you
b. Rounding the lower back
c. Jerking the bar off the floor
d. Locking out your knees early
e. Squatting the weight off the floor
f. Bouncing the bar off the floor
2. Equipment (4:50)
a. Footwear
b. Belt
3. Pulling the Slack (6:15)
4. Deadlift Cues (7:30)
a. Tuck your lats in and squeeze up
b. Pull the slack out of the bar
c. Push against the ground
d. Pull back
e. Extend your hips hard
f. Squeeze your butt
5. Locking the weight out (8:49)
6. Deadstop (9:43)
7. Touch and Go (10:35)
a. Constant time under tension
b. Builds grip
c. Wear Straps
d. Introduces the stretch/shortening cycle
8. Deadlift Stance (12:04)
9. Mentality (14:16)
a. Be present
b. Stay off social media
c. Have pure intention with the deadlift
d. Frame your discomfort
e. Focus on the process

So why deadlift?
If you’re a powerlifter, its part of your three lift total. For physique athletes, its a great way to develop your physique. It sort of like a swiss army knife. It does a lot of things really well. The deadlift has a very simple learning curve and it forces your body to work together in concert. For example, for traditional athletes, speed is king. Speed is king on the court and on the field. One of the best ways to get faster is to improve your strength to body weight ratio in the deadlift. If you can deadlift 2.5 x your bodyweight you YOU WILL BE MORE EXPLOSIVE! – Josh Bryant MS

We are here with Johnnie Jackson with one of the best backs in the history of the sport of bodybuilding. The deadlift had a lot to do with building it.The deadlift will work pretty much every muscle in your body and it will develop your grip strength. In 2012 Johnnie Jackson pulled 832lb in the deadlift at the Raw Unity power meet. Flash forward to 2019 and after a few more notable pro bodybuilding wins including an Arnold Classic title Johnnie Jackson is back at building up his deadlift again. This time we are documenting it all and sharing the program with you to follow suite. Episode 1 in this 8 week series is crucial to your mindset and perspective on deadlift training. Watch it in its entirety.

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