DB Front Raise Done Right (BIGGER FRONT DELTS!)

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Dumbbell front raises are one of the most classic shoulder exercises for building the front deltoids. That said, the way this exercise is performed traditionally, ignores one of the most important aspects of the exercise that helps your delts to grow in the first place. In this video, I show you how to change the way you do your front dumbbell raises to build much bigger shoulders and delts.

In the classic front dumbbell deltoid raise, you stand with your dumbbells held in front of your thighs with your arms held straight. From here, you begin to slowly raise the db’s out in front of you as you bring them to approximately shoulder height. From here, you lower the weight slowly back down to the front of your thighs.

The problem with performing this exercise in this manner is that you are not allowing your front deltoids to experience a stretch in any portion of the movement. As you should know, placing tension on a muscle while in it’s stretch position is one of the fastest ways to ensure adequate overload and growth. The eccentric load on a muscle is one of the most sure fire ways to put tension on the muscles to stimulate new size and growth.

That said, in order to change this exercise slightly and easily to allow this shoulder exercise to start helping you grow larger front delts you just need an incline bench. Set up your incline bench to about a sixty degree angle (so it is 30 degrees set back from the vertical). This amount of incline is just enough to create the possibility for your arms to hang down at your sides and into extension at the bottom of the rep.

With the job of the front deltoids being to flex or raise your shoulder up in front of you, in order to place the muscle on stretch you would want to bring your shoulder into extension behind your body at some point in the movement. This accomplishes this. Not only does it do so, but it does so with a weighted load. Try performing just a few reps out of this position and compare it to how your front delts feel when you do it from a traditional standing position. You will no doubt feel it more where you are wanting to and therefore will get more out of your delt training by doing it.

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