Day 6 – Rest/Nutrition

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Today we are going to talk about Nutrition. Here’s the disclaimer: It’s a full talking video. I know… You may prefer those shirtless Shut Up & Train workout video. So just to inform you before you watch, this video is nothing sexy (especially my retainer’s elastic, yes I’m currently on braces), is just me talking non-stop about Nutriton lol. Ok, somehow no matter what, I still have to spend a little time to talk about this topic, and I hope you find this series useful. Cheers!

Energy Balance –
High Satiety Food (Potato) –
Watching TV and Food Intake –

PS. Day 7 video will be up on 8 March 2019

In this series #GetRippedWithJordan I will share a week of training routine that will help you build up lean muscle mass and burn stubborn fat.

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