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Why take supplements when you can just eat real food? In this episode of Brain Gainz, we are going to eat all the food you would need to eat in order to have a single serving of pre-workout.
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| Real Food vs Supplements |
1. Potassium (100mg) = 1/4 banana
2. Calcium (25mg) = 1 tablespoon milk (300mg per cup)
3. Magnesium (50mg) = 1/4 cup of almonds (250/cup)
4. Chloride (145mg) = 300mg of Salt
5. L-Citrulline (5g) = 17 cups of watermelon (2-300mg/cup of watermelon flesh)
6. Leucine (3g) = 3.5 oz chedder
7. Beta Alanine (1.5g) = 1 cup of roasted chicken
8. Taurine (1g) = 2.5 cups yogurt (1 cup = 400mg)
9. Caffeine (200mg) = 20 oz coffee

| Signature Pre-Workout |
A good pre-workout is much more than a megadose of stimulants: It’s an essential tool for making the most of your training time. Signature Pre-Workout includes proven ingredients that promote intense pumps and growth while battling fatigue, so you can work out harder and longer.*

| L-Citrulline |
One of the keys to a great workout is a great pump. The amino acid L-Citrulline contributes to your body’s production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator. When your blood vessels are dilated, your body is better able to circulate oxygen and other performance-maximizing nutrients to working muscles.*

| L-Leucine |
The amino acid L-Leucine is known as a trigger for muscle protein synthesis (aka muscle growth) and a fuel source for your hard-lifting muscles. Your body cannot make L-Leucine, so it must come from supplements or food.*

| Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine |
Beta-alanine acts as a buffer between fatigue-promoting lactic acid and your muscles by producing carnosine, which keeps lactic acid in check during intense workouts. That means better muscular endurance, more energy for high-intensity or explosive movements, and better overall workout performance.*

| Caffeine |
Caffeine is one of the most common pre-workout ingredients because it works. Supplementing with caffeine has been shown to increase focus and improve workout performance, allowing you to dig in and get the work done.*

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