Build Strength and Muscle (3 MINUTES 19 SECONDS FROM NOW!!)

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Build ripped, athletic muscle from home or the gym…

In order to build strength and muscle you’ve probably heard that you need to lift heavy weights. This is definitely true, however the term heavy must be understood to be relative and not absolute. Getting bigger means that you are forcing your body to make your muscles grow to be better able to handle the stresses you subjected them to in your workouts. To do that, you must become uncomfortable to some degree. Coasting through your workouts will never provide the stimulus needed to build muscle.

That said, thinking that you have to start squatting 400 lbs or bench pressing 375 lbs is just not accurate. Especially if you are a smaller person to start. What is “heavy” to you may be light to someone else. The important thing is that it is heavy for you. Building muscle is about building your strength relative to your current strength levels. As long as you are lifting more tomorrow than you are today, you are making progress towards your goals of adding muscle mass in the long run provided you are following a good nutrition plan.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to lift heavy weights for reps all the time to get the same benefits. In fact, for some beginners this seems too daunting and actually steers them away from ever lifting heavy enough weights to see size gains. Instead, you can do what I’m showing you in this video and that is performing an isometric hold in the midrange of an exercise. You can add much more weight to the exercise than you normally would, as your isometric strength levels will always be more than your concentric.

This allows you to feel what being strong means. You can feel how much 180 lbs in a bench press is if you only lift 150 pounds at the moment. Again, may not be heavy at all to others, but if it is heavy to you, then it’s progress.

Keep pushing to build strength at every opportunity and you will see just how fast you can build muscle. If you want to build athletic muscle while getting stronger in your workouts, then head to and get the complete ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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