Bodyweight Workout Routine (BUILD MUSCLE AT HOME!)

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Build muscle mass with just your bodyweight here…

Been looking for a home bodyweight workout that allowed you to put on muscle mass without just getting skinny? Then here’s a perfect 400 rep challenge that is sure to make even the most seasoned calisthenics users struggle and help you build muscle at home. This bodyweight workout routine can be done with just the weight of your body.

The interesting part about the workout is, it won’t be fully known until the final score of the big game is in. Each of the 9 bodyweight exercises showcased in this workout are eligible to appear in the final routine. The score of the Super Bowl will determine just which ones make the cut of the 400 reps that you will be performing.

The problem with most bodyweight workouts is that they focus way too much on conditioning and cardio and very little on traditional strength training exercises. This tends to leave you skinny rather than ripped and muscular at the end of the program. The workout shown here today will do just the opposite. If you are looking to build muscle you still have to overload your muscles in a way that will give them no choice but to grow.

This particular home bodyweight workout routine does just that.

Combining body weight leg exercises with old standbys like pullups and difficult versions of the pushup, you can expect to tax your body from your head to your toes. We don’t forget the core either. A hefty dose of bodyweight ab exercises are included to help round out that athletic physique completely.

When you’re ready for a full six week bodyweight workout challenge, then head to and get the ATHLEAN XERO program. No bands, bars, benches, or dumbbells are used at all in the program. Literally, just you and your will to complete the workouts and challenge yourself to build serious muscle mass with nothing but your own body.

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