Bodyweight Home Arms Workout (NO WEIGHTS NEEDED!)

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Build big arms with home workouts that require no equipment at all here…

Those that say you can’t build big arms without equipment failed to realize that the heaviest weight you may ever lift with your arms, is your own body. In this video, I show you a home arms workout that will help you build bigger arms with nothing more than your own bodyweight and a pullup bar. With just 4 arms exercises and some unique ways to create overload, you will be able to build your biceps and triceps at home.

The first exercise combination targets your biceps. You are going to want to do this in something we call our modified killswitch style. Start with a one up two down assisted chin up. Grasp the bar with one hand and use your other hand to grab your wrist. Perform an assisted chin up until your chin reaches the level of the bar and immediately release your hand from your wrist and grab the bar so that both hands are on the bar. Slowly lower yourself down and repeat until reaching failure on that arm.

From here, immediately proceed to the floor and perform the side lying bodyweight curl on the same arm that was holding the bar in the previous exercise. Be sure not to sit up using your abs. Instead, let the biceps and brachialis do the pulling as you get yourself up to a near seated position. Lower slowly and perform until you reach failure once again.

Return to the bar and perform the first and second biceps exercises on the opposite arm. Go back and forth between both arms until you are unable to get many meaningful reps in good form on one or both arms. This will likely take you about 3-5 sets to reach this point.

Next, move to the floor to perform your triceps exercise combination. Start with the modified pancake press. Here you want to get in a pushup position on your toes and position your elbows tight to your sides. Slowly lower your body to the ground resisting the descent with the eccentric control of the triceps. As soon as your knees touch down, allow your knees to touch and press off your forearms back up to the starting position. Lift the knees and lower down once again. Repeat until you can no longer perform any reps in good form.

Immediately move onto the static tuck hold triceps home exercise shown in here. The goal is to lift your bodyweight off the ground using the strength of your triceps. Try to hold this position as long as you can isometrically until you reach failure. Rest just a few seconds and repeat this circuit as many times as you can until no meaningful reps can be completed.

Home arm workouts like this are great because they dispel the myth that you can’t build muscle at home without weights and because of how versatile they are. For a complete 6 weeks of home workouts that use no equipment at all, be sure to head to and look for our ATHLEAN XERO bodyweight workout program.

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