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Mike Hildebrandt packs a lot of back and arms building exercises into this workout. And the results speak for themselves. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!
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| Swole and Strong by Mike HIldebrandt |
Why chase just size or strength when you can have both? With an elite personal trainer as your guide, you’ll feel the satisfaction of watching the numbers on the bar go up, while the mirror shows solid gains in muscle mass and definition. This cutting-edge program is perfect for building your muscular base, or for anyone who wants to have it all when they lift.

| Lift Big to Get Big |
Stop trying to cram every goal into every workout! Mike Hildebrandt will show you how to balance your workouts across the week to move solid weight while also getting unreal pumps. This is tough, high-volume training built around the basics, but with cutting-edge techniques like blood flow restriction training (BFR) as finishers.

| Expert Instruction |
Mike Hildebrandt is an experienced personal trainer, fitness model, men’s physique competitor, and a regular guest on’s YouTube and Facebook video feeds. As a longtime proponent of daily undulating periodization-style training, he knows how to achieve two goals at once—and help his clients do the same!

| Seamless Workout Tracking |
Tracking every rep, set, and weight of your workout has never been easier than with the All Access app. You’ll get daily workout tips to help you make the most out of every workout, plus a rest timer and more. When you want to get stronger, knowledge is power!

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| T-Bar Row |
Many trainers forget the T-bar row is technically a machine movement. There is a pivot point preventing you from having total control of the weight, so it is not a “free” weight. Whether you shove the end of a bar in a corner or use a landmine or a station, the T-bar row is an excellent exercise to go heavy on.

If you use the free-standing version without the pad to lean on, your lower back benefits as well as your lats. Using a horizontal grip also targets the rhomboids, teres major, mid traps, and rear delts.

| Seated Machine Row |
I like the low version of the row machine because you can use different attachments to serve different purposes. The rope can help you pull in tighter and get a better contraction, the wide handle helps develop the upper back, and the close-grip handle helps you focus on the lats.

The low seated row is a versatile option for targeting any back-training weakness, so let it serve you in developing a well-balanced upper body.

| Assisted Pull-Up |
This isn’t a total knock on pull-downs, but let’s face facts: Pull-ups are the superior back-building exercise. But what if you don’t have the strength to do pull-ups on your own yet? In that case, this machine can be your greatest ally.

The assisted pull-up machine is literally designed to assist you in pulling yourself up, allowing you to focus on mastering form and completing reps. As you get stronger, progressively decrease the amount of assistance. Eventually you can start knocking out full pull-ups on your own.

| BFR Preacher Curl |
When you do the preacher curls, make sure you’re not going all the way up and losing tension. Keep that bar constantly moving so your muscles are contracted the whole time. When you’re doing the triceps extension, tuck in your elbows. Don’t flare them out. Go all the way down to stretch out your triceps. As with the preacher curls, don’t pause at the top. Keep going to maintain tension on your biceps and triceps the whole time.
BFR Cable Curl

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