Bigger Triceps in 28 Days (GUARANTEED!)

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If you want to get bigger triceps in just under a month, then you are going to want to watch this video. Here I cover some advanced tricep training techniques that you will be able to apply immediately to your tricep workouts in the next 28 days. The key to their effectiveness is that they will work no matter what your experience level is and regardless of what particular split you are following in your workouts right now.

The science behind the efficacy of these is that the three tricep exercises selected are three of the bigger compound movements of the upper body; the dip, lying barbell extension and the close grip bench press. The fact that other muscles are participating in the performance of these movements allows you to load up the weights most aggressively here and go for maximum size gains in the shortest time possible.

Beyond that however, these three exercises actually place the triceps under the most amount of tension in the contracted position, stretch position and midrange respectively. This is important when you want to be sure that a muscle is being worked maximally and that you are doing everything in your power to force muscle growth in a short period of time.

You will see however that we are not just performing these exercises together as you may have in the past many times. No, here we are adding three extremely effective tips that is going to take the gains that you see from these tricep exercises to the next level.

We start with the lying barbell extensions. This is a particularly effective exercise for the triceps because it places the long head of the triceps muscle on stretch better than most due to the position of the barbell being brought overhead. Anatomically, this places a greater stretch on the muscle and then allows for a stronger contraction by virtue of an improved stretch reflex. The tip is to not just stop at the point that your elbows are bent maximally but to then drop the elbows down towards the floor more as well. This will further lengthen the triceps and lead to that max contraction on every rep.

Moving onto the close grip bench press. Here I find that people do not effectively place their elbows and hands in the position that best allows them to generate force and strength in their press. The easiest way to determine this is to do the push test that I show you here. This will help you to determine quickly and accurately what position your arms should be in if you want to get maximum gains from this reliable compound triceps workout staple.

Finally, when it comes to the dip you don’t only want to have your body positioned upright to place the stress mostly on the triceps rather than the chest and shoulders but you want to concentrate on what the hands are doing as well. If you squeeze too hard with the hands you will lose some of the force through the forearms and limit that amount of extension strength you can get through the triceps. Try to open the hands and push through the palm and you will feel the difference immediately.

So if you are looking to build bigger triceps in 28 days then you need to get started. They are not going to grow on their own after all. Start doing the work and implement these triceps workout tips and you will start seeing and feeling the difference fast. For more step by step workouts that hit more than just your triceps, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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