Biceps Size & Peak Exercise (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

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Build massive biceps and triceps in just 6 weeks here

Building biceps size and peaks can often be an elusive goal. Most of the time, exercises that help you to get massive biceps don’t do all that much for helping you to aesthetically chisel out noticeable peaks. In this video however, I’m going to show you an exercise that will help you to build biceps size and mass and can be done from beginner to advanced levels.

The mistake that beginners make when it comes to building bigger arms is that they focus on doing too many specialty exercises. They spend a lot of time doing concentration curls, preacher curls, etc without allowing themselves to exert most of their energy doing exercises that will allow them to load up the weight and lift heavy while having a large impact on their biceps.

The underhand row is one of the best exercises for building bigger biceps while having many other benefits as well. By requiring that you hinge properly at the hips, this mass building arm exercise also teaches you how to set up for the deadlift. We know that the deadlift is one of the best overall mass and strength builders, but if you do it the wrong way you could end up injuring your back.

This version of the row also provides you with an opportunity to set aside the smaller dumbbell curls for heavier weights so that you can add mass to your arms more quickly. With some help from the lats, you will be able to push your biceps past their normal comfort zone in order to squeeze more size out of them.

The target of the bar is important on this exercise as well. If you pull the bar to your lower belly or under your rib cage, you’ll notice that you only get about ninety degrees of bend at the elbows. This limits the amount of biceps involvement and contraction that you can get. If on the other hand you pull the bar higher up on the chest, you’ll notice that you can get almost 120 degrees of flexion and a much stronger contraction.

Finally, by requiring you to maintain a stabile lower back throughout the movement, you’re strengthening your back to be able to handle some of the heavier exercises that you’ll face as you become more advanced. Overall, this biceps size and mass builder is much more valuable to you as a lifter regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced.

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